38th Annual
National UFO Conference
Austin, Texas - September 2001

Greg Bishop

Speaker Bio:
    -Greg Bishop-
Editor of The Excluded Middle magazine and researcher into UFOs and Alien Writing and their interconnections with altered states of consciousness and shamanism. His articles have graced the pages of Fortean Times, Magickal Blend and others. 
Disinfo's Dossier

ET Play Ball
In this article written for The Konformist, Greg Bishop looks at connections between the infamous Roswell incident and inter-racial developments in sport. Roswell po baseball indeed!

Fortean Times: The Great Rock Convention
Co-written with conspiriologist Kenn Thomas, this is outstanding article by Greg Bishop for Fortean Times about early UFO contactees and gatherings. Gain an insight into the beginnings of a contemporary New Religious Movement.

Ethnic Weapons for Ethnic Cleansing
This frightening Konformist.com article by Greg Bishop (December 1998) outlines some of the research undertaken by assorted mad-scientist maniacs in the interest of developing race specific weaponry. Bishop reminds the reader this is not a "new" science, that in 1970 Carl Larson published work on using enzymes to attack one race or another. The scientists even discussed ways of reeducating enemy populations using psycho-chemicals to turn them into slaves. That was over 31 years ago. Wonder what viruses they've cooked up since? Have they let any loose, and how many have escaped?

The Excluded Middle Magazine
The official Web site for The Excluded Middle, one of the most interesting conspiriology and weird culture zines, founded in 1993. The archived articles are a stimulating read, ranging from familiar topics such as UFOlogy and Nikola Tesla to Cabbalistic interpreteations of Dr. Seuss tales. A must-read site!

Famous Interviews by Greg Bishop of...
-William "Bill" Moore
-Karla Turner
-Keith Thompson
-Richard Boylan
-James Moseley
-Dean Radin


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