38th Annual
National UFO Conference
Austin, Texas - September 2001

David Perkins
Speaker Bio:
     -David Perkins-
Founder and staff writer for Spirit Magazine. He has been an active paranormal researcher for the past twenty five years, investigating everything from cattle mutilations to underground alien bases. His special area of research is "Paranormal Phenomena & the Gaian Mind: Considering the Possibilities."

David Perkins is a 1968 graduate of Yale University majoring in American Studies and Political Science. As a writer/journalist, he has investigated UFOs, cattle mutilations and paranormal phenomena since 1975. He has a published book Altered Steaks (Am Here Books) and is finishing Mute Testimony (co-authored with Tom Adams, which is a book examining the history of the cattle mutilation phenomenon. David's article on cattle mutilations, "Darkening Skies," was included in UFO 1947-1997 (John Brown Publishing), an anthology of the world's leading authorities on UFOs.

Perkins, one of ufology´s foremost thinkers, has written articles that have appeared in Boulder, Taos and High Times magazines, as well as numerous newspapers and research journals. He is the founder of  Western Spirit magazine and currently serves as staff writer for that publication. He also wrote the forewords to Christopher O'Brien's books The Mysterious Valley and Enter The Valley. David has been featured on the Art Bell Radio Show and appeared in numerous television and movie documentaries including, A Strange Harvest, Sightings, High Strange New Mexico, The Mutilation Files, Fox Family Channel´s Exploring the Unknown and The Billion Dollar Secret. His Weirdness Update is a regular feature in Western Spirit.

David's lecture is entitled: "Understanding UFOs and Other Paranormal Phenomena: The (Almost) Final Answer".

His eclectic presentation employs a dazzling array of slide images to augment a bold and innovative synthesis of current theories on the origins of unexplained phenomena. In his quest to arrive at a "unified field theory of paranormal phenomena," David draws from a broad spectrum of sources including: popular culture, science fiction, quantum physics, cosmology, psychology, consciousness studies, space exploration, anthropology, cryptozoology, evolutionary biology, religion and mythology.

David's lecture is guaranteed to be intellectually challenging to anyone with a healthy sense of curiosity about the great mysteries of our times. Both unsettling and uplifting, David's often controversial insights offer new dimensions to ponder for both skeptics and believers.


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